Measuring Wheel Set VÚKV System 3

The measuring wheel set with data transfer and evaluation system developed in cooperation with Jan Perner Transport Faculty of University Pardubice is destined for force measuring between wheel and rail during running behavior testing of railway vehicles. Measuring method based on detecting of wheel disc deformation using strain gauges on wheel disc surface or measuring equipment doesn’t limit using of this measuring system from the point of view of speed or axle load.

The measured data are transferred between the rotating and fixed part of system either in wireless or contact way. Data transfer is realized via contact power supply system – the high frequency signal will be modulated on the supply voltage. The rotating part of the measuring system is proposed to be located on the wheel disc or on the axle. It will be supplied in contact way via supply ring. The measuring wheel set System 3 can be used till the verified speed of 230 km/h.

The system can be used for most of powered and towed vehicles and for all of common produced disc forms of compact wheels. The wheel type is broadly unlimited; the properties must be investigated for particular designs. No mechanical adaptations with effects to lifetime or mechanical strength are needed – the strain gauge measuring system is located only on one side of wheel disc. Undesirable effects – temperature, centrifugal and tangential forces – are efficiently compensated by strain gauge allocation and wiring and also by way of continuous measuring values calculation. The strain gauge installation isn’t very demanding. Measuring system can be mostly located direct on the standard wheel set of tested vehicle which can be used after the tests without any limit.

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