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Škoda Transportation and Sinara Group have founded a joint venture for the production of vehicles in Russia

Škoda Transportation and Sinara Group signed an agreement to establish a joint venture for the production of subway trains, trams and trolleybuses. In accordance with the signed agreement, both parties will have the same share in the new business, and the products of the joint venture will be marketed under the Sinara-Škoda brand.

“Russia is a huge and promising market in which we want to establish ourselves in the long term. The local fleet requires a massive renewal, entailing large investments and opportunities. In Sinara Group we see a stable and reliable partner with whom we will be able to develop the production of electric vehicles for public transport in Russia. Škoda has supplied many high-quality products to the local market in the past, and I firmly believe that we will be able to build on our previous successes with a strong partner,” says Petr Brzezina, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of the Škoda Transportation group.

“Through our partnership with Škoda Transportation we will create high-quality, modern vehicles for public transport, such as next-generation trams. Our experience in development, production and service will enable us to create products that will outperform existing vehicles in terms of comfort, ergonomics, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness," adds Viktor Leš, CEO of Sinara - Transport Machines.

Sinara Group is a Russian investment company based in Yekaterinburg founded in 2001, investing primarly in real estate, transport engineering and financial services. Its subsidiary Sinara - Transport Machines, is mostly engaged in the production and full service of locomotives and other vehicles. The company was founded in 2007 and has 30,000 employees.

“We've teamed up with the current number two in the local rail vehicle market, which has experience, a modern manufacturing base and subcontracting facilities. Combined with the know-how of Škoda Transportation, we will offer our customers the best product and service on the market. We offer new energy-efficient modern next-generation subway trains and low-floor ForCity trams for St. Petersburg. The company also offers trolleybuses with bodywork from a local manufacturer for the local market, ” adds Zdeněk Majer, Member of the Board of Directors and Senior Vice President Sales of the Škoda Transportation group. Sinara-Skoda will be headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia, with the second largest and most rapidly expanding transport system in the country.

In recent years, OOO VAGONMAŠ from the Škoda Transportation group has supplied Russia with a total of 24 NěVa subway trains for St. Petersburg, which have significantly increased passenger safety and comfort. The history of this new subway project dates back to 2007, when a prototype of the NěVa vehicle was developed. The train also received a prestigious award in the category of best innovative project of St. Petersburg. These modern vehicles have replaced the original trains that were over thirty years old.