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Škoda Transportation won a contract for the supply of subway trains for Warsaw

Škoda Transportation was announced the winner of a contract for the supply of up to 45 six-car subway trains for the Polish capital Warsaw. The first train will be delivered to the customer within two years of the signing of the purchase contract. The total value of the contract is almost 8 billion crowns.

"I am glad that we have been confirmed as the winner of the contract for the supply of trains for Warsaw after long administrative and judicial proceedings. It was confirmed that our offer was the best. This is a breakthrough contract for urban rail vehicles - the Warsaw tender was one of the largest in Europe, but we waited for the decision for over two years. Warsaw can look forward to modern vehicles with a capacity of up to 1,500 people. Our latest products will now be in operation in the eighth capital city in the European Union,” says Petr Brzezina, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of the Škoda Transportation group.

Škoda Transportation won the contract over the current fleet supplier for Warsaw, Siemens-NEWAG consortium, as well as Stadler, Alstom and CAF. The contract also includes the supply of spare parts, a simulator, extended warranty and training. Škoda Transportation cooperated on the development with Polish universities and design engineering offices such as EC Engineering.

“I am glad that we are strengthening our position in the Polish market with this contract, where our trams have been carrying passengers in Wrocław for several years.  A clear external and internal audiovisual information system will ensure good orientation of passengers, and the trains will also include compartments for wheelchair users, baby carriages and bicycles. The car bodies will be aluminum, and the length of one car will be about twenty meters. The total length of the train will be 118.2 meters. The design of the passenger compartment interior - layout, choice of materials, shape and color design - aims to create a comfortable environment for both passengers and drivers, ” says Zdeněk Majer, member of the Board of Directors and Senior Vice-President of the Škoda Transportation group.

The maximum speed of the new trains will be 90 km/h. The trains allow full electrodynamic braking in all occupancy modes with a preference of regenerative braking, in which power is transferred back to the power system. The trains are designed according to EN and UIC standards. They will also include a camera system.