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Company SVUM a.s. in 2018 plans to complete the construction of a new hall

SVÚM a.s. a Research organization listed in the Research, Development and Innovation Council in the Czech Republic and specializing in basic and applied Research and Development of metallic materials, plastics and composites. It has accredited laboratories and testing rooms and is one of the most important research organizations of applied material research and testing institutions in the Czech Republic.

SVUM a.s. regularly participate in research projects supported by the Ministry of Education of Youth and Physical Education, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and international projects supported by the EU.

In the railway industry SVÚM a.s. successfully cooperates with VUD Žilina a.s. , Certification Authority for Testing Rail Technology in Europe, Notification of a Body in the framework of a technical harmonization directive EN ISO/IEC 17025; EN ISO/IEC 17065 ; EN ISO/IEC 17021.  In the framework of this cooperation have been negotiated several contracts and research projects with companies from the Czech Republic and from abroad (Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey and Bulgaria).

In 2018, the company SVÚM a.s. plans to complete the construction of a new hall with a test machine  for thermo-mechanical tests of wheels and brakes. The construction of the hall builds on existing investments in test machines such as Schenck 2500 kN, Schenck 300 KN or SincoTec for fatigue testing of railway wheels and axles and it is consistent with the long-term plan to create modern research and testing institute cooperating with foreign partners.