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In DPOV is repairing driving vehicles, wagons and special vehicles

DPOV, a.s. is a company ranking among the leading rolling-stock repair businesses in the Czech Republic. Apart from its main plants in Přerov, Nymburk, and Veselí nad Moravou, the company has its branches in Valašské Meziříčí and Olomouc. DPOV, a.s. is a member of the ČD (Czech Railways) Group and it is a prime repair centre for both parent organisation as well as other members of the ČD Group.

Company performs repairs of all electric locomotives and units, coaches, complete motor train sets, trail cars and driving trailers, and special vehicles for railway track engineering used even outside the territory of the Czech Republic. The repair operating centre in Přerov, which is at the same time the company’s head office, specialises on a long-term basis in repairs of electric locomotives of all voltage systems and electric units of the 471 type (City Elefant) and, as of 2017, FSO Přerov also participates in the modernisations/repairs of motor vehicles of the 810 type (RegioMouse). Within the framework of PSO Přerov, a trade agency of DPOV, a.s. operates in Katowice supporting the company’s activities in Poland.

In the Nymburk plant, the company performs repairs and modernisations of coaches, motor vehicles of the 854 type, driving trailers of the 924 type, and trail cars of the 054 and 012 types. In specialised workplaces, overhauls of electrical unit bogies of the 680 type – Pendolino are carried out, incl. their refurbishment. As of 2015, the Nymburk plant specialises in overhauls, bogie repairs, and modernisations of coaches. From its foundation time, DPOV, a.s.( 2007) gradually built one of the largest repair shop for of mounted wheels in the Czech Republic.

Repairs of motor cars of the type 809, 810, 814, 842, 843, 844, plus their trail cars and driving trailers represent the traditional manufacturing portfolio of the operating centre at Veselí nad Moravou. In previous years, a modern double-track hall was extended here for the purposes of overhauling of the type 814 units, and its further extension with another specialised 120 m-long rail track for purposes of overhauling of motor units of the 844 type (PESA) has been completed in 2017.