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DAKO-CZ implemented an exklusive cooperation agreement with westcode UK on service in the United Kingdom

DAKO-CZ has implemented an agreement with Westcode UK for service of DAKO-CZ products in the United Kingdom. The investment in the United Kingdom is for DAKO-CZ a further step in the globalisation in the rail vehicle systems, especially in the area of subsystems. It reflects DAKO-CZ increased focus transit brakes subsystems and related services.

The agreement between DAKO-CZ and Westcode UK will give DAKO-CZ the ability and access to the experience of Westcode Uk in the United Kingdom. Westcode the 1991 spinn-off of Westinghouse Brakes Chippenham has a long experience working with transit authorithies in the United Kingdom. Via this strategic move DAKO-CZ secures full access to this experience.

We are continuing to focus on our core competencies as a key supplier for the railway industry – offering subsystems and components and related services for Airbrakes. DAKO-CZ is therefore carrying out a strategic realignment and has decided to invest in service units says Thomas Feser, Executive Board Member of DAKO-CZ and responsible for the Transit Rail Vehicle Systems unit.

Dagmar Matusova CEO and Chairman of DAKO-CZ continues: Our vision on the global Airbrakes – Industry let us further integrate on sub-system level with our key partners. With Siemens, Germany and Stadler rail, Switzerland we implement new interfaces on the brakes-systems. This allows us together with our partners to go the next step of integration with significant advantages for all stakeholders, especially the final customers.

The train operators benefit from lighter and more reliable brake solutions. This trend is comparable to the trend in the automotive industry coming with the electric powered cars. The possibilities of all electric drives significantly impacts the braking technology.