Novinky z průmyslu

Applied research is an important part of the activities of VÚKV a. s.

VÚKV a. s. is the research organization nominated by the Government Council for Research, Development and Innovation of the Czech Republic. Thus, an important part of the activities is the applied research in terms of both grant projects and contractual research.

The research is carried out practically in the whole scope of mechanical parts of railway vehicles. It is directed especially to the area of running gears and body structures of vehicles. Especially the running behaviour of railway vehicles, mutual effects of the vehicle and railway tracks or mutual effects of the vehicle and the environment, questions of strength, passive safety, brakes and driving gears are investigated. The subject of research is also the interface between railway vehicles and infrastructure – e.g. the aerodynamic effects or conditions between the wheel and rail. The research will be carried out not only by means of simulation methods but also by means of experiments. Such a connection facilitated elaboration of new developmental and test procedures and technologies, which enabled VÚKV a. s. to offer new services to the customers and the customers to realize and verify new competitive railway vehicles.

One example of applied research is an experimental narrow gauge vehicle with independently rotating and driven wheels which is still used for research and education by the Jan Perner Faculty of Transport of the University of Pardubice. The vehicle was built in 2011-14 in terms of the grant project Running behaviour research and driving gear control of powered railway vehicles with independently rotating wheels and enabled to verify and optimize among other things, the control of individual driving gears of the 15T type tramcar.

Another interesting order which gained the VÚKV a. s. testing laboratory thanks to applied research results were the stationary tests of the new tramcar for the Canadian capital Ottawa.