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Pars nova is a popular partner for both Czech and foreign carriers

The company Pars nova, a member of the Škoda Transportation group, has been dealing in its production halls in Šumperk with repairs of rolling stock for more than 70 years.

The wide portfolio includes comprehensive service of Škoda Transportation group products, repairs and modernizations of electric locomotives, electric motor units, coaches, electric and diesel traction vehicles and, last but not least, trams. Wide range of the repair plant allows flexible responses to customer needs and adaptation to market demands. While in the previous years the company has continuously switched from the complex modernization of diesel cars and units to the extensive modernization of coaches, the overhauls of electric motor units and electric locomotives are dominant among projects in these days.

In addition, regular periodic repairs of coaches, as well as repairs of damages caused by collisions on tracks are continuing. In the repairs of these type of damages, Pars nova is a long-required partner for both, Czech and foreign customers. We also provide an uninterrupted service at local depots to our customers. The company also subcontracts in the production of new vehicles, not only in the form of delivering components, but also has experience with complete new production in the field of trams.