Novinky z průmyslu

Siemens will introduce in Berlin a new train Velaro Novo

High-speed electrical units Velaro from Siemens running up to 350 km/h have become very reliable, energy-efficient and comfortable passenger vehicles in many countries with various geographic and climate conditions so far. Within a wide range of distances, Velaro trains enable faster connection, improved passenger comfort and economy even in comparison to aircraft and cars.

As technological development continues Siemens is premiering Velaro Novo – a new concept for high-speed trains – at this year's InnoTrans in Berlin. The unique concept covers environmentally friendly high-speed rail transport with faster and more comfortable vehicles, lower commissioning costs, reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs. Velaro Novo designed for speeds from 250 up to 360 km/h brings in comparison with the previous Velaro models with length about 200 m:

- increased space for passengers by 10%,

- weight reduction by 15%,

- reduced energy consumption by 30%,

- reduced investment costs by 20%,

- reduced maintenance costs by 30%.

Siemens began with the development of the new concept in 2013 and can place the first trains in service as of 2023. The European team working on the new platform Velaro Novo comprises also co-workers from Prague, Ostrava and Pilsen where is a dynamically growing Egineering department of Siemens Mobility Czech Republic. More at www.siemens.cz/engineering.