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UniControls introduces new generation of devices for onboard Ethernet network

UniControls as a traditional designer and manufacturer of control systems and electronic equipment for rail transport and industrial control introduces on InnoTrans 2018 a new generation of Ethernet network devices for onboard communication networks of rail vehicles.

First device in the family is a train backbone node EBN-216 which connects Ethernet Consist Network (ECN) to an Ethernet Train Backbone (ETB). EBN-216 entirely fulfils the requirements defined in the IEC 61375 series of standards. Its main functions are an automatic inauguration of dynamic ETB, routing of data packets between ECN and ETB, providing information about train topology and parameters to individual subsystems in the consist. Two EBN-216 may work in redundant configuration which offers higher reliability and availability of the communication network. With its performance parameters, the EBN-216 ranks among the top in this area.

Second device in the family is managed switch ETX-216 intended mainly for the ECN. The integrated UC-Ring technology makes it possible to use the switch in a ring topology network with a fast fault recovery time of less than 50ms. Both EBN-216 and ETX-216 feature sixteen ports: eight 1Gbps ports and eight 100Mbps ports with Power over Ethernet support.

Both devices are already used in two projects which are currently in realization phase.