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Trolleybuses with Škoda equipment will be used in France

Škoda Electric has obtained a contract for the demanding Western European market. Two trolleybuses powered by batteries will be delivered for the French city of Limoges, and an option for another four vehicles is also included in the contract. This business success can be attributed to the collaboration of the Pilsen-based company with big international group CNHI - Iveco, which has produced a brand-new type of trolleybus. The new vehicles will start operating in France in the first half of next year.

“Winning the project in Limoges shows that we can be successful even in such demanding markets as France,” says Sales Manager of Škoda Electric Pavel Kuch. He also mentioned that the new vehicle is one of the so-called IMC (in Motion Charging) trolleybuses that Škoda is commercially very successful with.

“These vehicles are battery-power assisted, and they are therefore able to operate at longer distances on tracks where trolleys are missing; their biggest advantage is the possibility to charge them in motion using a standard trolley line. Thanks to this, our trolleybuses will operate in electric bus mode on a part of the route in Limoges” describes Pavel Kuch. He also added that “trolleybuses in Crealis tram-look design will be equipped with complete vehicle air-conditioning and a fully-fledged battery system enabling areach of up to 15 kilometres without trolleys”.

This is not Škoda’s first success in the Western market. “We have already participated in the delivery of vehicles to Italy, Spain, Sweden and Portugal,” noted the sales manager of Škoda Electric. The future Western European place of operation of the new vehicles – Limoges in France – is in midwestern France about 400 kilometres south of Paris. The city has around 135 thousand inhabitants and it is one of three French cities with trolleybus transport; the other two cities are Lyon and St. Etienne