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New trams for the city of Poznań are equipped with BONATRANS wheelsets

BONATRANS is not a “mere” wheelset manufacturer. Supplies of highly innovative products are based on many years of in-house research and development. Modertrans delivers the most modern part of the fleet for the Polish city of Poznań in the current and the next year. The supply includes 50 unidirectional 100% low-floor trams, each consisting of five segments. The wheelset design is characterized by several innovative features.

Increased fatigue strength of the BONAXLE®, an induction hardened axle, has enabled a lightweight design. In addition, high hardness of the axle seat virtually eliminates the possibility of wheel centre seizure during assembly or disassembly.

Resilient wheels are based on the traditional BONATRANS design school. The wheels are equipped by special longitudinal pins on the outer wheel centre circumference that increase resistance to rotation of the wheel centre relative to the tyre. The new wheel (tyre) has the diameter 610 mm. The tyre is manufactured from the grade P70 material, hardness of which is at least 45 HB higher than the hardest grade according to the European standards (ER9).

The weight of the resilient wheel is less than 220 kg. The wheel is designed for the axle load 8 t. The wheel includes also the noise absorber type BONASILENCE®D mounted on the wheel outer side. Utilization of this noise absorber type can reduce the rolling noise level by up to 7 dB, and the squealing noise level during curve negotiation by up to 30 dB.

A significant advantage of BONATRANS resilient wheels is the fact that assembly of tyres may be performed by means of a mobile assembly equipment. This means that tyres may be replaced without disassembly of wheels from axles.