As traditionally, Czech Railway Industry companies will show their presence at the 7th International rolling stock, infrastructure and logistics exhibition Eurasia Rail in Istanbul. Most of the 19 participating Czech companies can be found in a national pavilion, which is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and ACRI – Association of Czech Railway Industry. The Ministry uses the opportunity given by Eurasia Rail to support export activities of Czech manufacturers in Turkey, where the offer of high-quality products and services by Czech companies, and the rapid development of the Turkish railway and public transport infrastructure pose an ideal combination for beneficial synergy. Several successful projects of mutual co-operation were already realized: deliveries of SKODA trams in Konya, signaling system for metro in Istanbul by AZD PRAHA or deliveries of wheelsets by GHH-BONATRANS. With the aim to extend the existing cooperation, following Czech companies are presented at this year’s exhibition: Alfa Union, ALTA Invest, AMIT, AZD Praha, CKD Blansko - OS, CZ LOKO, GHH-BONATRANS, DAKO CZ, Legios, LOKEL, Pars NOVA,  Skoda Electric, Skoda Transportation, Skoda Vagonka, TOS KURIM - OS, UniControls, VUKV, VZU Plzen and ACRI - Association of Czech Railway Industry.

Istanbul, March 2nd, 2017: ACRI is representing the Czech rail manufacturing industry. The Association gathers over 50 of Czech’s leading large and SME rail supply companies active in the design, manufacture, maintenance and refurbishment of rail transport systems, subsystems and related equipment. “The present successful development of the railway transport was enabled thanks to 200 years of tradition of the Czech railway industry. The former Ringhoffer wagon plant in Prague, wagon plant at Koprivnice, the 1st Czech-Moravian machine works in Prague – later CKD or Skoda plants in Pilsen together with a wide range of other producers had always been at the top of their professions”, says Marie Vopalenska, ACRI General Director. The quality of Czech railway products can be shown through a large export to all over the world. This long-standing tradition is successfully linked up with the present representatives of the Czech railway industry who do not rely only on tradition but also invest significantly into the development of new products, purchase of high technologies and renewal of production areas.

Czech Railway Industry is a strong partner for Turkey

Few brands have brought as much global fame to the Czech Republic as SKODA. For over 150 years, people have recognized the products from this traditional factory. Today its successor, SKODA TRANSPORTATION, is focused on the modern vehicles for public transportation in cities and rail transit systems. The key company´s products include low-floor trams or subway trainsets for an eco-friendly public transport in many European cities. Recently, Skoda Transportation signed the contract to deliver a unique battery-powered tram to the Turkish city of Eskişehir – this is a follow-up to the previous delivery of 72 vehicles to the Turkish city of Konya. The Pilsen-based company will produce a total of fourteen low-floor modern ForCity Classic trams for the transport company in Eskişehir. The order is worth more than 26 million Euros. “We will deliver a new, supremely comfortable tram to our Turkish customer within nineteen months from signing the contract. The order for Eskişehir is another major export success for Skoda in recent times and confirms the superior quality of our vehicles,” said Tomas Ignacak, Chairman of the Board of Skoda Transportation. The vehicles, manufactured by Skoda, will be equipped with powerful traction batteries – this will allow the transport company in Eskişehir to operate without the overhead catenary line on more than a kilometer segment which the city is planning to build. Generally, the battery drive of the tram will mostly be used in cases when the tram is required to follow routes where the electric trolley line has not been installed, for example, for aesthetic reasons in the historic centers of cities. At Eurasia Rail 2017, SKODA is represented by five companies: SKODA Electric, SKODA Transportation, SKODA Vagonka, LOKEL and PARS NOVA.

GHH-BONATRANS is the Premium Supplier for wheels, axles, wheel sets for rail-bound transportation worldwide, with extensive reference list of products and solutions supplied globally as well as to Turkey particularly. Most of the new rolling stock supplied to Turkish railways (TCDD) and to Turkish cities in the last decade is equipped with GHH-BONATRANS state-of-the-art wheelsets and parts thereof. Such as wheelsets carrying new EMU and DMU units for TCDD built by Hyundai Rotem and TÜVASAŞ, including EMU units for the most prestigious Maramaray project, new metro units in Istanbul (manufactured by Hyundai Rotem) and Ankara (produced by CSR Zhuzhou). Its wheelsets are also used in new locomotives that haul TCDD trains – new electric locomotive E68000 built by Hyundai Rotem/Skoda Transportation, as well as in the modern diesel locomotive Powerhaul build by General Electric in cooperation with TÜLOMSAŞ. Thanks to high flexibility, technical and manufacturing excellence and also to its experience and know-how GHH-BONATRANS meets the most demanding customer requirements, and combines top quality with competitive price.

AZD Praha co-operates in Turkey on the metro modernization in Istanbul with the delivery of signaling systems and helped TCDD with an upgrade of railway crossing safety devices on Sőke-Ortaklar track or with Tekirdag-Muratli project by supplying station interlocking system ESA 44 including telecommunication system, point machines and LED signals. AZD Praha also co-operates with other companies on the construction of railway line Irmak-Zonguldak by supplying 500 elements for more than 260 railway level crossings, and supplies control and information traffic system for city of Izmir. At present, AZD Praha is preparing station interlocking ESA 44, point machines EP600, LED signals LLA-2 and other signaling devices for putting into trial operation in Ankara depot.

Other Czech exhibitors at Eurasia Rail are presenting a wide range of innovative solutions based on tradition and high quality.

ALTA is a modern, progressively developing business-industrial group. It supplies technological systems, machining equipment, machinery products, construction material manufacturing equipment and equipment used for mining and processing of ore and rock. The ALTA Group consists of the parent company ALTA Invest, a.s. and it is the exclusive dealer for the machine manufacturing plants TOS KURIM - OS and CKD BLANSKO - OS on CIS markets. TOS KURIM - OS production program is focused on large-size milling machines and machining centres that enable machining of heavy workpieces of complicated dimensions and sophisticated shapes from as many as five sides, making use of continuous control in five axes. These include machining centres with a moving column and portal machining centres. Engines machining FRFQ 350 VR/A14 is used in Turkish railway industry. CKD BLANSKO - OS has specialized in the development, design, manufacture and installation of heavy-duty vertical lathes in both single- and double-column types. Vertical lathes are used as multi-professional tooling centres, allowing turning, milling, boring, drilling, and grinding works. CKD BLANSKO supplied more than 730 vertical lathes to 30 countries worldwide. UniControls is a global supplier of control systems and electronic equipment in the field of rail transport and industrial control. It specializes in applications requiring high reliability in harsh working environments. It provides Train Control and Monitoring Systems, Train Communication Networks, Passenger Information, Reservation and Diagnostic Systems, Public Address Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, Stationary Transport Systems, Energy Consumption Measurement and Saving Systems and Driver´s support Systems. VUKV is a joint-stock company based in Prague; the experimental basis of the testing laboratory is located in Cerhenice at the Railway Testing Circle, ca. 50 km east from Prague. The company is involved in development, research and testing of rail vehicles, their parts and further components of the transport machinery. Turkish customers (Railtur, Bozankaya, Hüroglu Otomotiv, Istanbul Ulaşim, Turkrail) co-operate with VUKV during technical support at development of new vehicles, tests of tank wagons; passenger cars seats and static or dynamic tests of bogie frames for city transit vehicles and technical supervision during the tests. VZU PLZEN offers a wide range of services in the field of accredited testing, research and development and it is able to solve complex research projects involving computer modeling of the problem, tests in accredited testing laboratories and operational measurements on real products. In the field of rail services, VZU PLZEN offers dynamic laboratory tests, computer simulations of vehicles, calculations of fluid and thermodynamics, measurement and analysis of the operational loading, measurement and analysis of noise and vibration and material tests.  In Turkey, it co-operates with Istanbul Ulashim A.S., Bozankaya, Otomativ, Makina and others.

In recent years Czech - Turkish economic relations experienced strong momentum. Due to the stable growth of trade exchange Turkey is today one of the most important trading partners for the Czech Republic (the third largest export market out of EU countries). The bilateral trade has a long-term growing trend yearly growing by 10-12%. In 1-11/2016, the Czech Republic and Turkey conducted bilateral trade in the total value of more than EUR 3,01 billion. Czech exports to Turkey during the eleven month period reached EUR 1,84 billion while Turkish exports to the Czech Republic reached EUR 1,17 billion. Based on the existing relations and long-term contracts (not only in the field of railway industry but also in the energy sector, automotive industry, mining sector, chemical industry, defense industry and environmental technologies) the bilateral trade is expected to grow in the future.


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