The first building of ETCS on Czech tracks are nearing finalization

In accordance with the national implementation plan ERTMS these tracks will be equipped by stationary parts of the European train control system - ETCS in short time.

The first construction Kolin – Breclav is being finalized these days and others will follow soon. By this step SŽDC creates conditions for fundamental increase of railway safety, for reduction of accidents caused by driver errors – an oversight or disobedience to signals. For full utilization of ETCS advantages the target is to shorten migration period to its minimum, to go as soon as possible on the operation of trains under the supervision of ETCS. In addition to safety aspects it will also increase the track capacity and energy savings caused by continuous ride.

This will open the way to higher levels of operational automation, to control the movement of trains by dynamic timetable. Hence, a part of the ERTMS project is accelerated mass equipping of all vehicles intended for train transport on mentioned tracks by ETCS on-board units. Siemens company goes towards these efforts and has developed ETCS on-board units corresponding to the newest requests in accordance to the Baseline 3 in advance. Vision that 85% of transport on Czech railways will be under the supervision of ETCS is close to its fulfillment.

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