První Signální as part of the modernisation of tram tracks in Košice

Last year a series of extensive reconstruction work on the track surface, overhead lines, control infrastructure and tram central dispatch in Košice started.

The reconstruction does not only concern the tram tracks. 33 new low-floor trams were also purchased, and the modernisation of the traffic control signals at the relevant intersections was carried out. During 2015 the first two sections of planned reconstruction took place. It involved the complete reconstruction of the tram tracks in the city centre labelled as a construction of IKD (integrated track transport) from the main train station through Námestie Maratónu mieru (Peace Marathon Square) and the reconstruction of the adjacent intersections and turning loops.

A portion of the IKD project is unique in that it is designed to connect directly to the railway network. As part of these two constructions, the company První Signální supplied the control system technology for 30 tramway switches, remote control technology for 12 overhead section insulators, 12 boxes for remote switch monitoring and engine grease and equipped selected trams with technology to enable automatic contactless setting of tramway switches. The switch control system thus introduces 30 technical boxes equipped with a comprehensive control system for setting the tramway switches.

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