15th reconstructed passenger car delivered by DPOV to Czech Rail

Czech Rail recently accepted delivery of its 15th passenger car, on which DPOV, a.s. carried out modernisation on the appointments, entailing a new central energy supply, vacuum toilets, completely new high voltage and low voltage cabling and lighting and control systems in the new distribution board.

The project also included reupholstering the seats and painting the wagons in Czech Rail’s corporate colours. DPOV, a.s. is thus attempting to improve the rolling stock of passenger cars in the national transport system, so that these wagons can replace the old-fashioned passenger cars, the so-called B lines. DPOV, a.s. may carry out similar modernisations on different types of wagons, e.g. the Bmz229 with a bistro section. At the end of July, DPOV successfully put the historic locomotive 759.002 (KYKLOPA) into service by carrying out a technical- safety test.

At the end of September, DPOV, a.s. will commemorate 10 years since its foundation. In 2007 the company was formed from the Czech Rail maintenance depots of Přerov, Nymburk and Veselí nad Moravou. In addition, the main depot has places of operation in Valašské Meziříči, Olomouc and Břeclav. On the grounds of PSO Přerov, it will be possible to view an exhibition of the historical locomotives E499.085, T 466.0007, 749.250 and T 334.090.

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