ZKL GROUP – customized solutions of railway bearings

ZKL Group is engaged in development and manufacturing of roller bearings.

Railway bearings are one type of its products such as cylindrical roller bearings WJ/WJP 120x240, WJ/ WJP 130x240, WJ/WJP 160x300, a sealed cylindrical bearing unit CRU 120x215 and a tapered bearing unit TBU 130x230. These roller bearings are applied in Europe and also in the World. ZKL is able to ensure a flexible development and manufacturing of new product in accordance with customer’s specific requirements in railway vehicles for city transport, passenger transport and freight transport. Research and development department is equipped with software for calculation of a force distribution, contact parameters and a construction design optimization under the modern PLC system.

The manufacturing is performed on new manufacturing lines, which guarantee high requirements for bearing parameters. Based on own know-how, ZKL research and development department is able to offer cooperation for new products development, application engineering services and technical analysis or assessments, including judicial expertise. ZKL features with certificated testing laboratory equipped for different tests of bearings.

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