Train Borne Recorder TBR02 help traffic safety

The train board recorder TBR02 has been developed on the basis of requests of traffic safety and of request of rail carriers. It’s primary purpose is to record all radio communication between the vehicle radio station and other radio communication participants.

It’s design enables radio communication recording of two on-board communication devices and also recording of data communication of these devices. Important feature of the TBR02 is the complex recording of radio communication which can be used during investigation of collision situations or during internal audits or analysis.

GPS receiver is a standard part of TBR in order to achieve precise time synchronisation and current speed/ position related to the particular record. Device is equipped with comprehensive internal diagnostics which is indicated directly on the front panel or via external indicators in the engine driver cabin. Data storage is backed up and simultaneously back up power source is a standard feature so the safe saving of the data and system shutdown of the TBR02 is always ensured. T-CZ delivers evaluation device intended for export and evaluation of the operational records.

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