AZD Praha becomes significant player in the signalling field on world markets

AZD Praha Company has been present in the market already for more than sixty years. This purely Czech owned company becomes more outstanding and demonstrates valuable experience in comparison with the largest global players.

Among main pillars of AZD belongs a competitive portfolio of products and systems in the field of signalling and telecommunication technology (e.g. station interlocking and line signalling systems with the highest level of safety, level crossings, light signals, electromotive point machines, track circuits, axle counters, ETCS L2 etc.) as well as flexibility and ability to meet the requirements of any foreign customer, while demonstrating good financial strength and availability of qualified labour.

Flexibility and ability for fast adaptation of electronic signaling systems to technical and normative requirements, unique for individual territories, ranks among outstanding competitive advantage of AŽD Praha. With the closer look to the longterm experience AŽD Praha has been recommending its own solution, which, in many cases, is accepted by the customers. Although AŽD has established its international activity only in 2012, nowadays it reaches very wide variety of customers.

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