Innovation and Development in MSV Metal Studénka, A.S.

Innovation and development of new products is a never-ending process, in which the die-forging operation invests more than CZK 10 million every year. It starts production and sample procedure of 30 to 40 new forgings for railways and other industries within one year.

Last year, the company successfully completed development of the buffer with 550mm head and started series production thereof this year. MSV has just completed testing of new parts - strap and lower side bearer that is a railcar bogie component, cushioning the railcar superstructure from the bogie.

Another currently ongoing project is development of the upper side bearer that will, in the final design, form the entire side bearer assembly. The Research & Development department currently works on other three types of buffer. These include the buffer with 580x340 head and R1500 radius, used mainly in Portugal or Spain which. Another buffer type is the crash buffer, used mainly on railcars used for transportation of hazardous materials, such as petrol, etc. You can meet with the company representatives at InnoTrans, the worldwide biggest railway fair in Berlin, Hall 9, stand No. 408.

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