European GSM-R Standard to Interlink Czech and Austrian Railways

The expansion of radio GSM-R technology on domestic railways will continue with the project to cover the segment from Znojmo via Šatov to the Austrian state border. Based on the tender results, the Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA) has signed a contract for the next stage of implementation of the European GSM-R standard has been completed in spring, where the contract value (project and construction completion) amounts to CZK 10,234,578 of which a part was funded by EU.

The GSM-R system has been implemented in the Czech Republic on two international corridors from Germany to Slovakia (and on to Austria) via Prague, Brno and Břeclav, on the corridor between Česká Třebová and Ostrava or on the freight corridor from Kolín to Děčín via Lysá nad Labem. The international standard has covered 1,140 km of domestic railways so far while another 560 kilometres are in various stages of progress and completion.

With respect to the kilometres of tracks covered, Kapsch CarrierCom manages almost one half of the global market in the field of GSM-R; the company is the field’s most important player.

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