Stationary tests of the Paris Underground cars at the customer

The Testing laboratory of railway rolling stock VÚKV a.s. carried out the stationary tests if the Paris underground cars for the Paris city transport authority (RATP) directly at the customer.

The measurements were carried out on five underground cars of various types produced between 1967 and 2005. The goal of the measurement was the comparison of various car types from the point of view of the track impact. The Metro Paris is characterized by many curves with very small diameters and the track is exposed to considerable wear and tear from the passing trains. The following tests were carried out during the measurements at the customer:

  • Track twist limit conformity test of the wagons,
  • Sway test and
  • Bogie yaw torque measurement.

The tests were carried out in one of the RATP metro depots in Paris using the unique VÚKV mobile test bench of VÚKV a.s. The tests were much extended from the point of view of the configuration number of the measured cars – the tests were carried out for various loads of the cars and for various air springs conditions.

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