ZKL Bearings for Wind-Power Plants

In July 2015, the first prototypes of ZKL bearings 230/800EMH and 241/530EMH for a main shaft of windpower plant G114 2,0 MW were successfully tested and assembled after several years of active purchases at the GAMESA, important Spanish world producer of wind-power plants. This windpower plant, having been produced in modifications 2,0 MW and 2,5 MW, is a key product in a worldwide scale for the future development of sales of the GAMESA company firm. For ZKL it also means a promising use of production capacities of the above-mentioned assortment of spherical-roller bearings of large dimensions for next several years.

All deliveries of bearings to wind-power plants must be backed by a number of calculations. There are mainly calculations of bearing durability, their static safety and check of a maximum contact tension in bearing. In addition, it was necessary to make checking calculations for proposed positioning of these bearings and check a reduction of radial clearances arisen by compression of internal ring on shaft. For operational reasons, it is necessary to place an internal ring with a sufficient overlap in order not to permit a ring spin on the shaft in case of a large extent of operational conditions.

Calculations were carried out by ZKL – Research and Development by help of own calculation programs and by help of commercial programs KISSsoft, MARC and PATRAN too. Based on performed calculations, it was verified that ZKL bearings comply with all required parameter, having being defined by a customer for these wind-power plants, and can be used in these applications.

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