Kladno uses a modern crack detection for top of the range deliveries

The most modern automation technology for materials checking is used by Třinecké železárny´s plant at Kladno. The new crack detection line repeatedly checks round and quadratic iron. The acquired line cost 140 m crowns and it was the second highest investment in the plant history.

„Quadratic and round iron is checked by crack detection method before it is distributed to clients. The whole crack detection line is controlled through the most modern automation technology,“ says Pavel Kalvoda, director of the plant.

In the last years, the status of the firm significantly bolstered up, particularly in the sector of automobile and petrochemical industry. In both cases, there was a very demanding production, namely in the field of quality of products and safety of its use by customers. For this reason it was essential to improve checking mechanisms before dispatching products to users.

This line enables a continuous non-destructive material check of all assortment and dimensions. To ensure a sufficient quality of material surface it is blasted by a blasting equipment before its entry to crack detection line. „This operation provides such testing conditions of material that we are able to guarantee even the most demanding requirements of our customers,“ specifies Kalvoda.

The plant of Třinecké železárny at Kladno makes products of high quality.

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