Oltis group became a member of the European commission´s consulting body

Recently, the importance of international cooperation and creation of the uniform European railway area has been growing. Trends are heading to international projects, cooperation in research and innovations, to a movement of solutions from national to international level. Chang of priorities in this field can be seen in transport sector too. At the same time a pressure is aiming at European solutions arising in the framework of international cooperation of firms, including financing projects from Brussels.

A good example is the joint project Shift- 2Rail including all railway research projects supported by the European Commission in the period of the years 2015–2020. Similarly, it can be also quoted the project IT2Rail which was presented in detailed manner in number 02/15 ACRI NEWS and as a researcher was also invited OLTIS Group company, member of ACRI Association.

To define trends of digitalization development of freight transport and logistics the European Commission decided to establish a consulting body „Digital Transport and Logistics Forum“ (DTLF). The members of DTLF are representatives of the EU member states and important European associations and firms, as managers of infrastructure, transporters, operators, research organizations etc. It means that all modes of transport and logistics sector are represented, including railway and combined transport.

For the period 2015–2018, OLTIS Group company was appointed as one of DTLF member and represents here the sector of railway industry and information technologies.

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