Finland to Receive the CZ LOKO Company´s 100th Modernised Six-axle Locomotive

Over forty Czech, Slovak and Polish railway transportation companies witnessed the premiere of completely modernised 774.711, 774.712 and 774.713 locomotives. The class 774.7 locomotives are designed for heavy shunting and main line service. The first private railway operator in Finland, the Fennia Rail Company, will be the owner of these machines.

The 774.113 locomotive represents the 100th jubilee modernised six-axle locomotive at CZ LOKO. Most of these modernised locomotives are operated in the wide gauge area.

“This diesel locomotive fulfils the most demanding TSI European norms and operator requirements: reliability, significant operating cost savings, environmental friendliness, high comfort and crew security.” said Roman Cechura, CZ LOKO´s Marketing Manager.

The Fennia Rail locomotives will be transported to Finland through Slovenia on temporary 1 435 mm bogies. The machines will be transferred to 1 524 mm bogies to reach their final destination through the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

The construction team utilised its abundant experience with developing and operating locomotives in tough climatic conditions in Baltic countries and the Russian Federation. In addition to the 100 modernised six-axle locomotives, CZ LOKO has, to date, delivered another 71 new six-axle locomotives and 662 two- and four-axle locomotives to Czech and international operators.

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