Stationary tests of the Twindexx train unit

The Testing laboratory of railway rolling stock VÚKV a.s. carried out the stationary tests of the Twindexx train unit for the Swiss State Railways (SBB) in August and September 2015. The Twindexx trains are double‑deck units consisting of four or eight wagons with maximum speed of 200 km/h built by the Bombardier Company. Their speciality is the active tilting system of vehicle body and lateral suspension. One driving and two intermediate wagons were the subject of the tests.

The quasi‑static test of anti‑derailment safety by means of the method 2 according to EN 14363, the test for determining of roll characteristics in compliance with EN 14363 and the verification tests of the calculation model for cross-wind effects were carried out. All tests were realized using the VÚKV a.s. mobile test bench; the passage of the curve R = 150 m as a part of the anti‑derailment test was realized in the measuring curve track of the VUZ test centre at Cerhenice. While the quasi‑static anti‑derailment safety test was in amount of scope and performance the standard test, the other ones required considering the above‑standard customer requirements carrying out of adjustments of the VÚKV test equipment or proposal and production of a quite new unique test bench.

At the first case the realizing of the test for determining of roll characteristics till the cant value of 250 mm with the synchronous wheel force measurement was required. Except of the realizable cant value increasing on the test bench to solve the questions of wheel force measurement at so high cant values was necessary.

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