Two-system Locomotive Prototype with Original Varnish

In the first half of the year 2015, the Pars nova company had two vehicles in its halls to be painted by varnish in its original colour. It was a special requirement by the CD customer based on the contract and so this coating was put on the two-system electric locomotive and electrical unit.

The locomotive equipped with the socalled retro-painting left the Pars nova company at the beginning of May under designation 362.001-0. It was one of two prototypes the production of which was achieved in 1980. The customer´s requirement was to approach this locomotive to a series design as much as possible and beside so the things this meant to modify air circuits, re-locate a manual brake and make changes in electrical equipment. Moreover, speed was increased from 120 km/h to 140 km/h. The locomotive came to the Pars nova company designated 363.001-9 and left under designation 362.001-0.

It is surely appreciable that the Czech railways remind the tradition and continuity of production of vehicles in the Czech Republic and thus they keep some vehicles operated by them in original design or they prefer vehicles coated by original varnish. One of them also was the above-mentioned locomotive.

The need of new two-system locomotives appeared in the70-ies in consequence of the decision of the former ČSD to electrify also lines where an alternative current and direct current feeding systems are unavoidably in touch. The production of the first two locomotives of new generation had already started in 1978.

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