CZ LOKO Company Obtained Subsidy to Develop a New Bogie

CZ LOKO, joint-stock company received more than 10 mil crown store search and develop a three axle bogie for diesel-electric locomotive destined to a wide gauge of 1520 mm in the period of next three years. It will be supported by the Czech Republic Technological Agency Program to subsidize an applied research and experimental development. The result should be six-axle locomotive with dieselelectric propulsion for East European markets.

„This project of a big locomotive suits well to our fleet of locomotives, “says Bedřich Bulička, Director of Strategy and Development in the CZ LOKO firm. During last ten years, just thanks to development and innovations the firm became the respected supplier of diesel-electrical locomotives. „Novelties and innovations enable due to increase gradually production and export, especially to countries with a wide gauge. It is not only Russia, but also Finland, Belarus or Baltic states of the European Union,“ made a note Director.

At the same time he appreciated a financial aid given by the state through its Technological Agency. Since new threeaxle bogies have not been on sale and if the firm wants to bring a new vehicle to a market it must invest tens of millions crowns into its research and development. A public support is allocated for the years 2015 – 2017 and during that time the project will be solved. This year, there are calculations, projects and construction to be carried out. In the next years, a prototype and simulation are supposed to be prepared and constructed and after wards final tests are planned. The CZ LOKO company proceeded similarly in the years 2007 - 2009 when the research and development of a module two-axle bogie to gauge of 1435 mm was done. They are now used in locomotives Class 744.

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