AV ENGINEERING Presents „Accelerated“ Tests of Lifetime of Products

In the field of transport technology customers are always increasing their requirements on operational parameters of products. On one hand, they arise from a legislative framework and on the other hand, from increasing demands on development and production. But it is the opposite to growing demands on utility qualities of product under the present trend to minimize development and production costs. These requirements are valid both to development of quite new products and to the projects with a different degree of modernization of the existing products.

AV ENGINEERING company, as the first one in the Czech Republic, is introducing the so-called „Accelerated“ tests of life expectancy of individual components and units. This type of accelerated tests permits to cut the test duration even five times or clears the way to make life expectancy tests of five different product modifications. In this case such a benefit also brings savings of costs when implementing development and checking tests.

The methodology itself of „accelerated“ tests uses Multisine method which facilitates to implement a heavy-duty spectrum through a combination of several sinus heavy –duty functions in comparison with the existing Sweptsine method with one defined sinus function. In the context of „accelerated“ life expectancy tests AV ENGINEERING, jointstock company provides its partners:

  • draft methodology of measurement and execution of measurement itself of heavy-duty spectra on a vehicle
  • running tests
  • verification in laboratory
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