Třinecké železárny has focused on investments in coke production and improvement of bars and wire

Almost CZK 3 billion has been invested in modernization and new equipment of Třinec steelworks. The significant investments in de-dusting of production plants will be completed. Furthermore, the investments cost of de-dusting will need next CZK 1 billion. Almost CZK 2 billion will be directed at the production plants. The total amount of investments will reach CZK 2.8 billion. The investment recorded the highest level last year when the total cost hit CZK 3.8 billion; the environmental investment projects covered the largest part of the funds.

The company´s product portfolio has been focused on gaining of products with higher added value. “Investments in new technologies and thus increasing of final treatment of our products with higher quality have been bringing its benefits. Customers are interested in products tailored to their requirements. By owing this advantage we have managed to maintain our European and global market position, “ comments Mr Jan Czudek, the CEO of Třinecké železárny.

This is a reason why the company is going to invest in two new annealing furnaces this year, the cost of which will amount to CZK 200 million. “New furnaces will extend the annealing capacity. The process of annealing is a thermic process which improves technological and material characteristics of our products, mainly wire and steel bars, which belong to our best-selling products“, explains Mr Radek Olszar, Director for Investment and Strategy. Annealed bars are treated with cold forming which can be used particulary in the automotive industry and machinery.

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