AMiT‘s interesting electronics supplies

In the first half of this year the Czech company AMiT has achieved further notable successes in the field of supplying electronics and control systems for railway and rolling stock. In Poland, for example, HMI units (panel computers) and I/O modules (which are part of Selectron’s control system) have been successfully introduced and installed in 15 new bidirectional, double-articulated Tramino Olsztyn trams produced by the local low-floor tram manufacturer Solaris. The tram’s will be official unveiled to the public in June in Olsztyn.

IP surveillance system and IP audio equipment together with the emergency intercoms should be implemented in 20 two-vehicle FLIRT3 trains made by Stadler. It is also worth mentioning AMiT’s solution for the recording of brake states in 20 eight-vehicle FLIRT3 EMU units. The EMUs are being implemented by a consortium of Stadler and Newag, and will be operated by PKP Intercity. The Finnish tram contractor Transtech has selected AMiT’s IP audio and camera equipment for 40 ARTIC lowfloor trams that are to cruise the streets of Helsinki.

The Turkish manufacturer Durmazlar will equip another 12 bidirectional lowfloor trams Ipekbocegi (Silkworm) with AMiT’s passenger information system, IP surveillance and IP audio systems for operation in Bursa,Turkey.

The next project where AMiT has been successful with its HMI displays as control computers for train information system is the project of 603 vehicles for high-speed trains in Kazakhstan. The trains are manufactured by the Spanish manufacturer Patentes Talgo and will be operated by Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (Kazakhstan Railways).

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