Josef Bernard left his position of the CEO of Škoda Transportation after four years of hard work. He will remain active in other positions in Škoda Transportation, he becomes a member of the Supervisory Board and he will deal with independent projects. He will be replaced as CEO by the long-term manager of Škoda Transportation Tomáš Ignačák.

”In the recent years, we have been able to assert ourselves in foreign markets, we have been able to develop and manufacture several completely new products, such as the electric train unit RegioPanter, new types of trams or electric buses. I would like to give my sincere thanks to my colleagues, who cooperated with me on these projects in Škodovka. I will continue to work in the management of the company on the position of a member of the Supervisory Board,” says Josef Bernard. ”I would like to convey my great appreciation to Josef Bernard.

Under his management, Škoda Transportation achieved many successes, both at home and abroad. Tomáš Ignačák is a manager with experience from management of our companies, he already participated in the creation of the long-term strategy of the company, so it is necessary to emphasise that the change of the CEO will not bring any significant changes in the strategic direction of the company,” says Chairman of the Board of Directors Tomáš Krsek.

The new CEO is the long-term manager of the group Škoda Transportation Tomáš Ignačák. His professional career began in the company Pars nova in Šumperk, where he became the CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2000. Before becoming the new CEO of Škoda Transportation, he was the Vice President for Commerce of the group Škoda Transportation. ”The group Škoda Transportation now has an excellent position on the market, so - as a CEO – I would like to focus especially on the correct use of opportunities of growth on foreign markets, which have been opening to us in the last few years and where the company is successful. I think it is a great challenge to run such a company as Škoda Transportation and I hope that I will personally contribute to its further development,” adds Tomáš Ignačák.

Škoda Transportation is one of the few purely Czech companies, which is able to develop and manufacture technologically demanding products capable of achieving success even among the high competition abroad. Its main products include above all low-floor trams, electric locomotives, subway, suburban train units, trolleybuses and also traction engines and complete drives for transport systems. The group Škoda Transportation includes, among others, the companies Škoda Electric, Škoda Vagonka, Pars Nova and the manufacturer of power electronics Poll. Our companies, which are active abroad, include the company Ganz-Škoda in Hungary, the manufacturer of engines Sibelektroprivod in the Russian Novosibirsk or the German company Škoda Transportation Deutschland. Our group employs approximately 5 thousand people, of which about 700 are engineers and developers. About one billion of Czech crowns are invested into the research and development of new products each year. The current shareholders of the company Škoda Transportation are – Tomáš Krsek, Michal Korecký, Marek Čmejla, Jiří Diviš, Jaromír Šilhánek, Josef Bernard, Marek Krsek, Tomáš Ignačák and Michal Kurtinec.

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