MSV Metal Studénka Invests in New Product Development and Expands Manufacturing Operations

At the 10th InnoTrans fair in Berlin, MSV Metal Studénka, a.s. introduced a new category A buffer type, designated for use on freight railcars. The main advantages of the new buffer include lower weight (17 kg lower), modern design of the buffer housing and use of forged monolithic buffer head with its entire surface hardened. Securing of the keys has also been redesigned and the forged flange weight has been reduced.

The buffer housing design optimization resulted not only in the weight reduction, but also in reduction of the lubricated surfaces. Other advantages include long durability (up to 30 years), easy assembly and disassembly and simple maintenance. The new buffer type was tested by VÚŽ and VÚKV and certified by NFB in Germany.

MSV Metal Studénka invests more than EUR 1.8 million in the new production line for the lightweight buffer series production with a new paint shop incorporated. The new paint shop will enable completion of the entire surface treatment process, from product surface degreasing, masking, painting, drying to handling, in order to ensure the highest possible quality for our customers. The designed paint shop capacity is 4,000 tons a year.

Another successfully completed project of the modern forge is the sectional draw bar production, the series production of which required several pieces of new equipment to be acquired, such as the CNC lathe for machining the individual parts of the sectional draw bar, semi-automatic draw gear assembly and testing machine or special tensile and compression measuring device that will be used for all static characteristic testing and tensile tests up to the load of 200 tons. The newly developed sectional draw bar was tested for durability of 30 years and its assembly is fully compatible with assembly of a standard non- -sectional draw bar. The new product fully meets the requirements of UIC, EN 15566 and TSI.

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