VÚKV – Dynamic tests of bogie frames for new customers

VÚKV a. s. was successful at order acquire in new market areas. In cooperation with VZÚ Plzeň the fatigue tests of bogie frames for tramcars and other light rail vehicles for suburban transport are carried out.

The new articulated low floor tramcars are delivered for the increasing tram network in the Turkish capital Istanbul and for the new light railway system in the city of Kayseri in Middle Turkey. The Istanbul car could be already seen during both prestigious trade fairs Eurasia Rail in Istanbul and Innotrans in Berlin. Two bogie frame variants for the Istanbul tram were already tested for fatigue strength with positive results in the VZÚ testing laboratory in Plzeň under the methodical leadership of VÚKV a.s.; the test of the bogie frame for the second tram type is already in preparation.

The fatigue tests of the bogie frame for the narrow gauge diesel multiple units consisting of two, three or four parts were carried out on the VZÚ dynamic test bench under the VÚKV a.s. leadership. The new units are in suburban service of the Brazilian agglomeration of São Paulo. They were developed by competence centre for road and rail vehicles of Voith Engineering Service in Chemnitz, Germany and were built by the Brazilian rail vehicle manufacturer Bom Sinal. They were provided in terms of the preliminary for the football word championship which was held in São Paulo this year.

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