ÖBB order further nine Railjet units

Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) is ordering a further nine Railjet trains from Siemens. The order is worth around 145 million Euros in total. ÖBB already operate 51 Railjets across Austria, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. The new units will run on the Vienna- Salzburg western route. Final assembly of the Railjets will be completed at Siemens’ plant in Vienna, while the bogies will come from the company’s plant in Graz.

The technical design is based on the service-proven Viaggio Comfort type intercity vehicles, and the trains meet all the requirements for international high-speed rail operation. The standard configuration for the new trains consists of four different types of vehicle: a driving trailer with business and first class seating; a bistro car; and five open-saloon type cars for economy class, one of which has a zone for families with children as well as a multi-purpose area. All cars are fully air-conditioned.

The new trains are equipped with the Ecojet package, composed of LED lighting and an energy-optimized airconditioning system that uses CO2 sensors to detect the number of passengers in the carriage and adjusts its output accordingly. A Siemens research project concluded that this package could save ÖBB more than five million euros of its annual energy costs for operating the current Railjet fleet.

Railjets are propelled in push-pull mode by a Taurus locomotive, and each unit is 186 meters long, or 205 meters with the locomotive included. The trains are designed to travel at speeds of up to 230 km/h.

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