Pars nova introduces the principles of the NSK into their corporate HR practices

In early June, the HR Manager of Pars nova received the national qualifications framework in practice (NSK) honorary certificate. The acquired certification acts as proof of the corporate social responsibility and requests the company to use and constantly improve the framework. The company was one of the first in the Czech Republic to commit to the NSK.

Pars nova has only recently started applying the NSK and uses it for general acceptance, for the definition of personnel advertisement and as a great tool for creating and updating job descriptions. “The national qualifications framework in practice also has a purely practical use. When, for example, a worker has sufficient professional experience but lacks a certificate of proper education in the field, the NSK gives him or her an option to be re-examined by an authorized person and receive such a certificate,” explains the HR manager.

According to her, the intellectual capital of the whole company and of the individuals will thus gradually increase, making the employees more valuable on the labour market. The NSK is a list of nationally recognized qualifications in the Czech Republic. It contains a thorough list of requirements for each qualification. The NSK describes what is needed to be able to carry out the job or parts of it. It is a state-guaranteed nationwide system based on the real requirements of each job. The NSK defines the requirements for the competence of each qualification, regardless of how it is acquired.

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