Energy Meters certified according to EN 50463-2

This July UniControls completed the certification of the ELM-101 and ELM-201 series energy meters for railway vehicles according to the new revision of EN 50463-2 which has been available for only a few months. Therefore, the Uni- Controls energy meters are among only a few certified devices of this type in the whole world.

The European Directive 2008/57/EC and other regulations determine the Technical Specifications for Interoperability relating to the “Energy” and “Rolling stock” subsystems – “Locomotives and Passenger Rolling Stock”. According to these TSI the energy meters are part of the “energy” subsystem and must meet the respective standards (including EN 50463-2) to be able to use their data for energy invoicing purposes in all EU member states.

Designed for single- and multiple-system railway vehicles with AC and DC traction, the ELM-101 energy meter measures active and reactive energy and power consumption and recuperation. It is equipped with a VFD display for displaying the power and energy measurements. The ELM-101 features a permanent memory for power supply independent data storage, a serial interface for communication gateway connection, firmware and calibration protection and multi-level protection of parameters and data. The energy meter offers 0.2 accuracy and -40°C – 70°C operating range.

The ELM-201 is a powerful and compact system integrating the ELM-101 energy meter and TLR-2 mobile communication gateway. The ELM-201 adds GPS position and timestamp to the data and sends the data to ground servers through GSM-P or GSM-R for further processing. The ELM-201 features serial links, CAN and Ethernet.

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