European projects at the Test Centre VUZ Velim

In the first half of 2014, tests within two European projects took place at the Test Centre VUZ Velim, carried out by selected VUZ specialists cooperating with exper ts from other European companies and institutions. These research projects are financially suppor ted by the European Union.

Part of the tests was the postponed search for the optimal methods of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) measurement within the EUREMCO project. The supreme goal of the EUREMCO project is the support of interoperable rail traffic by harmonization and simplification of the certification procedures for railway vehicles from the EMC perspective. The project is carried out under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), 4th call.

The locomotive used at the test centre was the SNCF BB 36000 locomotive used for regular operation prior to the tests, a type that was being manufactured around the year 2000. What is probably more interesting than the manufacture date is its complicated transfer to the Velim test centre. The first attempt in March 2014 was thwarted on the French-German border due to the lack of proper documentation. In the second case, the locomotive travelled through Switzerland, which also caused unexpected problems. The locomotive left EU territory and thus had to undergo customs inspection in the Czech Republic. Except for a small delay, the locomotive arrived and the tests were successfully carried out in a relatively short time.

The goal of the other project, D-Rail, is to define the causes of goods wagon derailment and to establish system changes and new safety measures leading to the reduction of derailment risk and its consequences. The project aims to reduce the amount of derailed goods wagons within Europe by eight to twelve percent and to reduce the expenses associated with derailment. The tests linked with this project were both dynamic (on both the large and the small circuit) and quasistatic, performed by driving at low speeds on a 150 m radius curve. The tests were carried on older goods wagons with Y25 bogie.

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