Significant order for the Testing Laboratory of VÚKV a. s. Praha

The Testing Laboratory VÚKV a. s. Praha is involved in type tests for the TWINDEXX Swiss Express double-deck multiple units which are developed and produced by Bombardier Transportation. This firm obtained the order for the delivery for a total 59 units consisting of four or eight coaches for main line duty in both Inter- -regio and Intercity systems from the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). The units will be operated not only on SBB network but also in Germany and in Austria. The Görlitz (Germany) and Villeneuve (Suisse) manufacturing plants are involved in the production of the new trains.

The Testing Laboratory VÚKV a. s. is engaged in carrying out static strength tests of selected carbody structures for their producer, Bombardier Transportation in Görlitz. The carbodies are produced of extruded aluminium profiles. In regards to the very comfortable interior outfit of the particular coaches, the carbodies are very made to withstand extreme pressure and ruggedness. The design compilation is also shown by distribution of particular propulsion aggregates in all coaches of the relevant unit.

Four of the seven basic types of rough body structures were chosen by the producer for the experimental verification. The tests of the body structures of the 1st class front coach (H08) and the intermediate coach (H06) were performed last year (2013). The other two body structures will follow this year – the 1st class front coach with luggage compartment (H01) and the intermediate coach (H04) with a restaurant compartment.

The rough body structures are dimensioned in compliance with EN 12663-1 and EN 15227 certifications. The rough body structure is resistant against vertical loads, longitudinal loads in coupler level and front side resistance against the loads, which in various levels, was verified in terms of static strength tests. The most severe lifting and re-railing cases are further verified at all rough body structures. The subjects of the tests are also the obstacle deflectors and their carbody fixation on the front coaches. The inertial force effects from the bogies to the bogie fixation area on the body structure at the acceleration 3g are examined on chosen coaches. Strains in structures are measured by strain gauges in more than 300 selected positions – also vertical deflections of body structure, dimension changes of selected door and window openings and longitudinal carbody deformations in underframe level during force application on the coupler are also measured.

The mentioned tests are carried out not only as a proof of sufficient body structure rigidity and stability but also to verify the calculation model based on calculation and experiment comparison. The Testing Laboratory of VÚKV a. s. makes use of its experience with the previously performed tests of double-deck coaches for other producers (MSV Studénka, Siemens, Stadler) and can improve the loading and measuring methods of the complicated body structures.

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