Half a century of “City Frog ” operation was made possible with the contribution of Pars nova

The popular class 451 and 452 “Pantograph” trains, also nicknamed “City Frogs” for the appearance of their front side, have been transporting passengers for half a century. The former workers who participated in the development and production of the unit were, and likely still are, surprised by its lifespan. Their planned lifespan of 15 years was exceeded several- fold, partially thanks to the employees of Pars nova. From 1968, the units were being sent to ŽOS Šumperk for repairs, a company that later became Pars nova. The last repair of this unit in Pars was carried out in 2010. Over the years, the units underwent only partial upgrades and no total modernization. The maintenance included full repairs of the chassis, traction motor, car body and full paint job of the vehicles.

“Three repairs were unique in a way. In 2007, a 451.001/451.002 unit was painted to match the blue prototype colours. In May 2010 a repair was carried out on a 451.045/451.046 unit designated for the museum in Lužná. In August that year, Pars released the last “Pantograph” unit, type 451.025/451.026, also painted in the historic colours of the prototype,” said Kamil Pazourek, employee of the sales division.

The exhibition class 451 unit, which is fully operable and maintained by a group of enthusiasts from ČD and Pars nova, took part in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the “Pantograph” operation in April this year. On this occasion, the unit, for the first and probably the last time, served the Šumperk - Praha line as a direct fast train.

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