Kapsch is going to implement GSM-R for two new lines in CZ

KapschCarrierCom s.r.o. has won two new projects to implement GSM-R radio networks in the Czech Republic. The contract was awarded through open bidding by The Railway Infrastructure Administration, the state organization (RIA).The projects, “GSM-R Kolín - HavlíčkůvBrod - Křižanov - Brno” and “GSM-R uzelPraha (Beroun - Praha - Benešov),” with lengths of 202 and 120 kilometers respectively are going to become the next important part of a standardized ERTMS system.

The affected projects are expected to be completed in 2016. Kapsch is going to implement the GSM-R network infrastructure in these projects, thereby expanding the coverage of the digital radio network according to the European Technology Standard.

On both projects the RIA is going to work in conjunction with Kapsch and a number of Czech companies; some of the other participants include AŽD Praha, ČD-Telematika, TEPLOTECHNA Ostrava, SUDOPBRNO andSUDOPPRAHA. The cost of both projects will be 85% covered by the Cohesion Fund for Operational Programme Transport.

Currently, the GSM-R system in the Czech Republic can be used on the first two international railway corridors connectingGermany to Slovakia and Poland to Austria.

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