Škoda Vagonka delivers the last train set to Lithuania

Škoda Vagonka has successfully delivered the last of the ten electric train units manufactured for Lithuanian railways. The value of the contract exceeded two billion CZK. The type 575 bilevel train sets, manufactured by the Škoda Transportation subsidiary, significantly helped to innovate the train fleet of the Lithuanian main railway line, since the vehicles from Ostrava are operating between the cities of Vilnius and Kaunas.

“The recent delivery follows up on the long cooperation with Lithuanian railways. After the delivery of the last unit, the cooperation will continue, for example, by providing warranty service,” said Irena Gaidová from Škoda Vagonka, the manager of the project. The company supplied Lithuania with two versions of trains, the two-car and the three-car type. “Having two types at disposal helps to maximize the occupancy of trains. The carrier uses the three-car trains during rush hours,” explained Irena Gaidová.

“Deploying modern bilevel train sets led to a significant increase of passengers on the line, who are particularly satisfied with the high level of comfort. The carrier, on the other hand, appreciates the amount of vehicles available for operation,” said Ivo Gurňák, Commercial Director of Škoda Vagonka.

And what kind of comfort do the vehicles from Ostrava offer? The units naturally include low-floor access and sections for persons with reduced mobility as well as multifunctional sections designated for prams, bicycles or large luggage transport. The vehicles, capable of speeds up to 160 km/h, are also airconditioned and equipped with both internal and external CCTV cameras.

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