Pars Komponenty s.r.o.

addressButovická ulice, 742 13 Studénka
phone+420 556 455 001
activityDevelopment and production of components for transportation means
  • The company PARS KOMPONENTY s.r.o. - a new department  of After Sales Services
  • When choosing the best quality products, it is important to ensure quality and qualified service over their lifetime, which in the public transportation  sector is normally fifteen to thirty years, in many cases also considerably longer.
  • That's why Pars Komponenty s.r.o. launched a new customer service strategy.
  • The goal and task of the new After Sales Service department  is to extend the customer care system, improve standards of spare parts supply, increase the range of services and repair activities directly at customers, but also the possibility to arrange repairs of individual components within our factory in Studenka
  • Inseparable part of our services is also providing technical assistance and technical information.
  • Pars Komponenty s.r.o. launched a system service that meets the needs and requirements of individual customers and reaches the standard that is common in the aftermarket service of the 21st century.


  • The following email addresses were established for easier communication:
  • nd@parskomponenty.cz
  • For all communications concerning spare parts
  • Service@parskomponenty.cz
  • For all communications regarding warranty and after warranty service, technical advice and assistance.

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