Saft Ferak, a.s.

addressRaškova 247, 739 04 Pražmo
phone+420558 426 111
activityProduction and sales of industrial Ni-Cd batteries

Saft Ferak, a.s., is part of the Saft group offering a broad range of industrial batteries and power solutions designed specifically to provide safety and performance for rail and city transportation applications.

Pocket plate KPL, KPM and KPH batteries and Saft brand SCH and SCM steel ranges built in the Czech Republic meet the highest international standards for manufacturing, operation and recycling. They have an outstanding record of top performance with low maintenance, long life and low life-cycle cost providing significant end-user benefits.

Featuring reduced weight and volume, wide operating temperature range and excellent charging characteristic, SRX, SRM, MRX and MSX plastic ranges – manufactured in France – enable optimum solutions for the particular demands of railway applications.

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