LOKEL, s.r.o.

addressMoravská 797/85, 700 30 Ostrava - Hrabůvka
phone+420 596 781 999
activityDevelopment, design, production, assembly and service of control and information systems for rail vehicles

LOKEL represents a development and organization engaged in design and deliveries of electrical equipment for railroad vehicles.

The company specializes in engine locomotives and train engine sets:

  • locomotive regulators with effective antislip protection
  • electronic regulators of combustion engines
  • communication computers
  • electronic regulators of hydromechanical gearbox H750M a 2M70/90
  • automatic train speed regulators
  • electrically controlled switchboards
  • supply converters
  • battery rechargers
  • diagnostical recording equipment
  • train information systems
  • connection via GSM etc
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