• Promoting the joint interests of the railway transport and the railway supply industry in the Czech Republic and via UNIFE within the EU, with the aim to stabilize and develop gradually this sector
  • Promoting and support of the ACRI members common interests towards the state authorities
  • Dialog with the Czech and EU institutions during negotiation of strategic issues related to the transport.
  • Harmonization of the technical and safety specifications for the railway industry
  • Promotion of interoperability of the European railways system
  • Participation on the development programs in the field of the railway transport and related research, development and testing
  • Co-operation with obtaining and deriving of EU funds
  • Support of co-operation of the industry, railway operators, transport companies and state authorities responsible for the railway transport
  • Promotion of the Czech railway industry in the Czech Republic and EU
  • Organization of ACRI meetings, exhibitions and conferences.
  • Unique opportunity for dialog and mutual cooperation among its members with the possibility to utilize synergic effects.
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